Acoustic Ceiling

For many people, ceiling is just an overhead surface which never gets noticed. But for the team of Creative Construction Services Corp, ceiling is a surface to show maximum creativity.

Our team is experienced in fabric, metal, tile and wooden field. The combination of all this experience and efforts of our team’s creativity will result into functional and pleasing ceiling viewpoint.

The correct acoustical materials for the ceiling are widely available in the market. However, it needs trained hand and creative minds to place the materials in the right manner and install it in a proper way.

Our crews have huge experience of installation of having acoustical ceilings at places such as a university, auditoriums as well as churches where the materials has to be used properly to enhance the sound transmission.

We have a full range of services in acoustical dampening area which includes sound baffles, full-height partitions, acoustical ceiling tile, and sound-absorbing room barriers.

Whether you require a complex ceiling in an administrative office or a standard laser-levelled pendant ceiling for the public space our team have the experience and knowledge to do the perfect job.